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Kenstel Products Local Controllers KC5000


WiFi Network controller for operators and large enterprises that support up to 5000 access points

KC5000 was designed for large enterprises with high density environments and supports up to 5000 access points which can be easily expanded as KC5000 allows integration with multiple controllers. Easy to use and manage with a highly-intuitive Web user interface to make configuration and administration simpler. Kenstel delivers a bunch of features with KC5000 that are not found in any other local controllers.

  • Each controller supports up to 5000 access points
  • Mulltiple controllers can be used in coordination with each other
  • Northbound Interface for integration with operator and MS
  • Rich and detailed diagnostics for deep insight in the network
  • Controller Redundancy
  • Private/Public cloud deployment
  • IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2/ax support
  • Dynamic channel and power assignment
  • CAPWAP as RFC 5415/5416
  • Mesh support
  • Centralized forwarding with DTLS encryption
  • Rouge AP detection and mitigation
  • L2/L3 Roaming
  • ACL (L2/L3/L4)
  • Up to 16 virtual APs per radio
  • Coverage hold detection and mitigation
  • Hotspot 2.0 and integration with WiFi offload
  • Secure Guest network
  • Traffic shaping
  • Load balancing
  • Air time fairness
  • Band Steering
  • Support for external captive portal and radius server

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