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Kenstel WiFi Solutions Higher Education


Embrace the Future With Connected Campus

Enhance your student and staff experience by providing a more efficient and a seamless campus wide connectivity. As per the recent trends, nearly 60% higher education students have 3 or more connected devices, what this means is that the campus environments are now more complex and denser than ever. It is clear that connected WiFi has become a necessary requirement that directly impacts the competitiveness of institutes as students expect a high performance wireless experience. It is imperative to invest in a WiFi solution that offers high-quality, reliable and secure network access and applies device-specific policies to meet the growing number of device types with features like fast onboarding and efficient management.

The modern higher education ecosystem requires Anywhere, Any-Time, Any Device Connectivity, Secure Access and High Speeds. Both students and faculty need high-performing WiFi network not only at work and in the classroom but during their personal time as well. KenstelWiFi Solution deploys the latest and the most capable standard 802.11ac Wave 2 to provide higher throughputs in high density environments like campuses.

Kenstel's High Performance WiFi Solutions offer a host of benefits including...
  • Centralized Management, Diagnostics and Monitoring: Manage each of your devices connected to your organization and monitor their activity. Also, have access to useful diagnostics such as recent location and information about client hardware/software.

  • MAC Address-Based Authentication: It provides future access after the first login automatically, by detecting the device's MAC address to ensure a hassle free onboarding process for clients.

  • Roaming: Uninterrupted services across network and never lose your progress again while moving in campus.

  • Complete Security: Never worry aboutsecurity again. Kenstel WiFi deploys WPA2 802.1X data encryption to implement a hackproof network system to ensure your data and network is secure.

  • Automatic RF Optimization for High Density: With KenstelWiFi, never compromise on speed as it automatically optimizes the RF Parameters for enhanced QoS.

  • Protected LAN Resources: Option to isolate or integrate your network and user owned devices.

  • Device-Specific policies: Automatic application of policies by device type to restrict or quarantine user-owned devices.

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