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Reliable School WiFi for the Seamless Learning Experience

The education system has revolutionized over the last decade to provide students with a more digital platform for learning. Schools are using and creating more digital content to engage student and aid the instructors in providing latest resources. There is a constant need to access the content online, which makes the school environment a high density network. This creates new challenges and burdens for the IT infrastructure, making fast and reliable networks a pre-requisite in today’s education environment.

Kenstel WiFi solutions support the unique high density and traffic capacity requirements of the school environments. Kenstel WiFi uses the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 standard to provide high throughputs to provide uninterrupted service of applications and meet the bandwidth requirements of the school environment. Kenstel also assists you with sourcing of hardware installation and provides ongoing support for your school WiFi through channel partners.

Kenstel's High Performance WiFi Solutions offer a host of benefits including...
  • Encrypted Security: Protect your institute from any data and security breach. KenstelWiFi implements WPA2 802.1X data encryption to implement a hackproof network system to ensure your data and network is secure.

  • Centralized Management, Diagnostics, and Monitoring: Manage each of your devices connected to your organization and monitor their activity. Also, have access to useful diagnostics such as recent location and information about client hardware/software.

  • Protected LAN Resources: Option to isolate or integrate your network and user owned devices.

  • Device-Specific Policies: Automatic application of policies by device type to restrict or quarantine user owned devices.

  • High Reliability: Kenstel offers Controller redundancy to ensure the smooth functioning of WiFi network in case of a failure.

  • Automatic RF Optimization for High Density: With KenstelWiFi, never compromise on speed as it automatically optimizes the RF Parameters for enhanced QoS.

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