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WiFi is Rated as the Number 1 Guestroom Amenity

In today’s scenario where everyone is online especially when on a vacation, a rock solid WiFi solution is a commodity you cannot ignore. Eight out of ten guests go back and share their bad WiFi experience on public portals. Therefore, while investing in a good guest room décor and facilities brings in your first customer, it is a strong and consistent WiFi solution that ensures that the business grows!

With Kenstel give your guests the ultimate ‘vacay experience’.

Kenstel's High Performance WiFi Solutions offer a host of benefits including...
  • High Performance: Kenstel deploys best-in-class, 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless to provide gigabit throughputs.

  • Simple and Secure Check-in System: KenstelWiFi provides future access after the first log-on automatically, by detecting the device's MAC address to ensure a hassle-free onboarding process for your guests.

  • Connect with Your Guests: Inform your guests about the various services provided by your hotel such as spa and gym. Share with them hotel information and latest promotions and schemes and much more.

  • Heat Maps: Visualize trends such as guest density and make informed decisions about staffing and management.

  • Location Analytics: Easily analyse your guest foot traffic, and repeat visits across multiple hotel properties or within specific areas for a better insight into the usage of guest facilities and properly manage them.

  • Protected LAN Resources: Option to isolate or integrate your network and user owned devices.

  • Complete Security: Never worry about security again. KenstelWiFi deploys WPA2 802.1X data encryption to implement a hackproof network system to ensure your data and network is secure.

  • Automatic RF Optimization for High Density: With KenstelWiFi, never compromise on speed as it automatically optimizes the RF Parameters for enhanced QoS.

Make the Smart Move. Choose Kenstel.

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