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Build Customer Loyalty through Your WiFi Network

Reliable and high performing WiFi networks are now central to the success of retail business as they enable businesses in generating in-store conversations and help consumerís buying decisions. A happy WiFi experience translates to a happy customer which further leads to customer loyalty. Kenstelís WiFi solution provides an enhanced guest experience and also provides business owners with rich and detailed valuable insights about customer behaviour, including how they use Wi-Fi resources, for making informed marketing and IT decisions.

Kenstel's High Performance WiFi Solutions offer a host of benefits including...
  • Fast Uninterrupted Experience: Kenstel offers best in class 802.11ac Wave 2 standard to deliver gigabit speeds.

  • Multiple Secure Authentication Options: Customers can use their preferred social network credentials such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn to login to your network without the hassle of filling out guest details.

  • Valuable Data Analytics: Easily manage and analyse your customer's WiFi usage data to be better equipped in making business decisions.

  • Location Analytics: Easily analyse your customer's real-time location statistics and repeat visits across to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Complete Security: Protect your network from any security breach. KenstelWiFi deploys WPA2 802.1X data encryption to implement a hackproof network system to ensure your data and network is secure.

  • Protected LAN Resources: Option to isolate or integrate your network and user owned devices.

  • Device-Specific Policies: Automatic application of policies by device type to restrict or quarantine user owned devices.

  • High Reliability: Kenstel offers Controller redundancy to ensure the smooth functioning of WiFi network in case of a failure.

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