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Focus on Your Business… Not on Managing the Network

Enterprises need high-performance WiFi solutions to boost productivity for an accelerated growth. Kenstel offers a WiFi solution that is affordable and one that you can deploy within minutes without the need to rely on IT team. What’s more with Kenstel’senterprise solution you can easily manage your network and have complete control over who accesses your network.

Kenstel’s WiFi solution is the best in class and is not only a reliable and robust solution but also deploys the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 standard to deliver gigabit speeds to deliver the performance you need for business-critical applications.

Kenstel's High Performance WiFi Solutions offer a host of benefits including...
  • Simple and Smooth Onboarding: KenstelWiFi provides future access after the first log-on automatically, by detecting the device's MAC address to ensure a hassle-free onboarding process for your guests.

  • Customized Data Analytics: Easily manage and analyse WiFi usage and get access to deep insights into the performance of various applications to have clarity before making business decisions.

  • Reliability and Robustness: Kenstel provides controller redundancy to ensure the smooth functioning of your WiFi network in case of system failure.

  • Hackproof Networks: Kenstel's enterprise WiFi implements WPA2 802.1X data encryption to provide a hackproof network system for enhanced data and network security.

  • Protected LAN Resources: Option to isolate or integrate your network and user owned devices.

  • Device-Specific Policies: Automatic application of policies by device type to restrict or quarantine user owned devices.

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